Egyptian Green Pyramid Building Council Events

December 2010: The first Arab League Conference on Sustainable construction will be held with the participation of several Ministers of Housing from different Arab Countries.

September 2010: Another International Conference on Non-conventional Green materials will be held in Cairo, Egypt under the sponsorship of EGBC.

June 2010: Held in Cairo, Egypt. An American Society of Civil Engineers Conference is planned, focusing on affordable housing and Sustainable Construction. Please visit IECC'6 for more details

March 2009: Held also in Cairo, Egypt under the sponsorship of EGBC, HBRC, US National Science Foundation, US AID office in Cairo and University of Alabama. The conference was attended by both the Minster of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities and the Minster of Environment along with many government official and high profiles engineers architects, contractors and media.

January 2009: Held in Cairo, Egypt under the sponsorship of EGBC, HBRC and the University of California, Irvine. The conference was followed by one day LEED seminar that was attended by more than 100 professionals and developers.

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